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In 2010 Volerian was formed to design a VTOL aircraft that would balance the capabilities of a helicopter with a conventional plane using a ducted fan powered by a turbine engine. This was the beginning of what would become Volerian's quiet propulsion and electric aircraft concepts.

From 2012 Volerian sought to develop quiet propeller technology, to license to other companies, in anticipation of the development of ever larger multicopters (now generally known as electric vertical take-off, or eVTOL).

It became apparent that noise and safety issues would limit propeller use near to people for everyday activities and so an entirely new propulsive concept was developed.

Hundreds of computer simulations were run to refine the ducted flapping propulsion concept and their accuracy was verified with a full sized test rig.

It was displayed at the 2018 Farnborough airshow.

In 2019, a fan for the home was designed using the flapping wing technology in the form of a low power version of the aircraft propulsion system.

Dozens of prototypes were tested together with hundreds of different types and combinations of cams, fixings, bearings, and materials.

The proof of concept prototype fan was completed in 2020 with development continuing into 2021.

The first passenger aircraft being designed is a 'wing in ground effect' seaplane. This aircraft type enables us to take advantage of our technology without needing to wait for new aircraft regulations. There are many routes around the world for which we expect this design to be competitive. Revenue from this, and our room fans, will go to fund larger passenger aircraft and the VTOL flying cars.

Volerian's mission is to move as much of the transport industry as possible into the air.

Cargo, deliveries, food, people, emergency services, advertising, medical and military needs, from short journeys to regional and international travel can be moved into the air using safer, quieter, more efficient vehicles that don't need roads or fossil fuels.

Volerian believes in taking inspiration from the natural world as the best way of creating and improving technology, an idea best summed up in the words of Leonardo da Vinci:

“Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does Nature, because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.”

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