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Volerian aircraft animation aircraft video

VPS theory of operation video

Interview with founder video

Volerian room fan video

Large prototype, quiet running. This was one of the larger room fan prototypes we made. It has an aluminium shell which won't be in the final production version, although the general design will be very similar. It could produce over 2500 CFM at its top speed of 5.5 m/s with a bldc motor of 84W.

Informal video with aluminium cased fan and background noise. One of the larger prototype fans running with plenty of everyday background noise to give an idea of what it sounds like in a normal environment (you hardly hear it). Its producing a good level of airflow for use in a normal sized room.

Informal video of Volerian fan experimental prototype with noise and flow check. This fan is a little smaller than the production fan design but still quite similar in its general design. Its still in an unfinished state since it was still very much an experimental prototype.

Informal clip showing high airflow no sound. Showing the amount of airflow one of the larger prototypes can produce. Actually a bit too much for everyday use in a room, but the concept is originally for aircraft propulsion! We might produce a fan for use outside or in large spaces such as gyms that can produce this sort of airflow.

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