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The Volerian Fan

fan prototype pic_edited.jpg







Large prototype fan (2500 CFM) with aluminium shell.


Volerian's flapping wing technology represents a whole new way of moving air.

Nature has chosen the flapping wing, and fin, as its principle means of locomotion through air and water, and for millions of years evolution has refined this method of propulsion. Yet these methods have rarely been successfully used by people, until now.

The first opportunity to experience this aeronautical revolution is in the home, with our new room fan.

It combines great efficiency, quietness and safety to create a consistent, smooth flow of air.

Minimalist designer styling takes advantage of the concept's advanced aerodynamic forms and ancient biological heritage.


Current design for production fan, with dark grey interior, measuring 850mm x 350mm x 250mm. Final details may vary.

Key Features

Airflow Expansion

short flow expnader gif.gif

The stator wings can adjust to spread the airstream  outwards across a larger area, providing even, consistent airflow to several people at once. This removes the need for the fan to oscillate (a feature of many fans that only delivers intermittent cooling).


safety gif cropped .gif

Contact with the moving wings is harmless and the cam mechanisms and motor are all sealed away in the base making the Volerian fan safe around children and animals (and adults).

Smooth Airflow 

key features drawing version-Model.jpg

Volerian ducted wing technology creates an even spread of airflow due to the uniform motion of the flapping wing and relatively high flapping frequency. The duct and stators help deliver a broad region of smooth, cooling air.

Brushless DC Motor

dc motor section_edited.jpg

Brushless DC motors offer greater efficiency, and since the airspeed can be changed across the entire power range (instead of the usual 3 speeds offered by most fans) you can find the level you want; from the lightest breeze to a strong wind.



Aerodynamic shapes and a slim, minimalist structure give the fan a clean, architectural appearance. An uninterrupted surface wraps around the duct giving the final form its simple elegance.


compressed resized comp sim gif.gif

Equal pressure distribution down the entire length of the wing in combination with energy recovering duct walls and stator wings create a highly efficient airflow. Computer simulations refined the geometry to help deliver more airflow for less energy.


barn owl_edited_edited.jpg

Highly distributed energy and careful construction result in almost inaudible airflow at lower power settings.


tilt function illustration.jpg

Directing the airflow is easy with a tilting mechanism that can angle the fan upwards. A simple, inconspicuous part located beneath the fan maintains the fan's tidy aesthetics.



The fan is easily accessible and can be cleaned in seconds using a damp cloth.


tiggie still eco.PNG

Greater efficiency means more airflow for more cooling, so you can hold off on the air-conditioning without compromising on comfort.

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